Seven Kingdoms – Decennium

Florida power metal act Seven Kingdoms is releasing the successfully crowdfunded new full length “Decennium” which clearly showcases the band’s power metal musical pathway highly influenced by many popular and successful European bands.

With “Stargazer” Seven Kingdoms aims for an epic sound embedded in loads of classic power metal riffs. Melodic female vocals and fancy smooth guitar solos channel many famous power metal bands and render this track widely accessible.

“In The Walls” kicks off with a faster guitar driven rhythm that tries to build a catchy groove but there are no additional surprising elements in the typical power metal themes and structure.

“The Tale Of Deathface Ginny” follows the same predictable music themes but delivers some interesting darkened guitar work that immediately gains the deserved spotlight.

“The Faceless Hero” maintains all the power metal triumphant elements but adds a slight melancholic atmosphere. Throughout the song Seven Kingdoms plays it safe keeping a similar catchy melodic rhythm with no palpable divergence.

“Awakened From Nothing” begins with somber guitar tones and slightly different instrumental dynamics but soon re-acquires the classic power metal “happier” rhythm particularly evident in the chorus.

Overall, “Decennium” is definitely a cohesive effort that would attract fans of the female fronted bands trend but unfortunately it tends to showcase common music patterns and weak creative force.

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