Aversions Crown – Xenocide

Australian deathcore metallers Aversions Crown are ready to release their sophomore album entitled “Xenocide” which, even if lately deathcore is not exactly the most popular or appreciated metal subgenre, attempts to offer a cohesive work of music.

“Prismatic Abyss” relies on a particularly heavy ensemble of blasting drums and shattering guitar riffs but despite the dominant brutal groove there is space for loads of exotic guitar melodies.

“The Soulless Acolyte” keeps a similar fast enraged rhythm with loads of intricate guitar riffing but also delivers decadent atmospheric tones with compelling melodic guitar leads.

“Erebus” showcases again a contrast between a heavy rhythmic backbone supported by furiously guttural vocals and an inspired melancholic atmosphere embodied by smooth polished guitar melodies.

“Ophiophagy” has an eerie atmospheric approach followed by stylish groovy riffs while lead guitars and brief gloomy arpeggios add luminous melodies that tend to feel more genuine and interesting.

On “Odium” the band continues to unleash the must have dose of furious guitar riffing but once again the decadent melodies exhibit additional musical depth with a less forced approach.

Aversions Crown have yet to achieve a personal original music style but “Xenocide” manages to deliver an exuberant dose of heavy guitar driven songs and also showcases a somber melodic side that renders everything more intriguing.

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