John Garcia – The Coyote Who Spoke In Tongues

We all know and love iconic stoner rock vocalist John Garcia who, after successful years with many great bands such as legendary Kyuss and Slo-Burn, has decides to focus on his solo career. The newest effort is an acoustic album entitled “The Coyote Who Spoke In Tongues” where John Garcia steps out of the electrified groovy stoner rock realm to embrace a simple authentic musical approach.

“Kylie” is addictive at the very first listening as it holds a refreshing interpretation of the beloved desert rock energy. Charismatic acoustic guitar riffs relentlessly build an assertive groove further enriched by vintage atmospheric keyboards layers and effortlessly amplified by Garcia’s wild rock delivery while a mellow blues oriented breakdown evokes an intricate palette of sincere emotions.

Among the covers of Kyuss’s classic hits included on this album “Green Machine” stands out as the original powerful stoner rock groove is smoothly translated into a chilled acoustic piece that holds great introspective energy and Garcia delivers an impeccably soothing vocal performance.

Another famous Kyuss song “Gardenia” becomes the ideal soundtrack for a campfire in the middle of the desert as it shines for the graceful purity of the acoustic arpeggios, the bluesy attitude and Garcia’s emotional serene vocals.

“Give Me 250ML” is a catchy dynamic ensemble of minimalist acoustic melodies that do not need additional layers or bombastic sound effects to grab the listener’s attention and Garcia steals the scene with his signature stoner rock delivery

“The Hollingsworth Session” features another round of catchy acoustic guitar passages that towards the end of the song even acquire a heavier rhythm while decadent piano harmonies add a deep sense of melancholy.

“Argleben II” is the new acoustic version of the song “Argleben” which was part of John Garcia’s debut solo album back in 2014. This track features a contemplative melancholic atmosphere naturally embodied by Garcia’s inspired vocal performance that genuinely shifts between a soft and a wilder delivery while acoustic guitars keep a strong melodic groove with vintage tones.

Movin’ ‘n’ groovin’ John Garcia is simply creating the music he wants with a sincere ensemble of stripped down acoustic melodies and emotionally charged vocals and “The Coyote Who Spoke In Tongues” feels like a relaxing music experience that any listener could truly enjoy.

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