Kairon; IRSE! – Ruination

Finnish eclectic band Kairon; IRSE!  has released an ambitiously visionary musical voyage entitled “Ruination” which fearlessly blends familiar prog rock elements with shoegazing and much more.

“Sinister Waters I” has an ethereal yet ambiguous musical approach as it is filled with dreamy guitar melodies that smoothly turn into more sophisticated prog oriented sonic jams with highly intricate guitar work suitable for an immediate introvert mind trip that promises loads of surprises and uncertainty.

“Sinister Waters II” continues such experimental music trip with hypnotic atmospheres, full blown fuzzy stoner attitude with wild dissonant accents and unexpected intense tempo/style variations. The song also features a lovely retro sound and gracefully soothing vocals that always enhance the balanced melodic combos of mysterious guitar & spacey psychedelic synths.

The title track shifts between the softest atmosphere and elegant moody guitars with a strong retro psychedelic vibe while a particular highlight can be found in the blissfully darkened instrumental piece that brings a bittersweet closure.

For its inner enigmatic nature and moody variety “Ruination” might not sound like the most radio friendly album of the year but Kairon; IRSE! certainly proves to be an avant-garde creative band that a selected audience will learn to sincerely appreciate.

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