Brother Firetribe – Sunbound

Featuring beloved Nightwish’s guitarist Emppu Vuorinen Finnish AOR band Brother Firetribe embarks on a catchy nostalgic trip with newest full length “Sunbound’ which contains an explosive collection of radio friendly melodic rock tunes with evident 80s influences.

“Help Is On The Way” could have become a hit in the 80s but today it just sounds like a homage to the distant golden era of melodic rock as Brother Firetribe just follows a simple music recipe of catchy guitar harmonies & solo supported by layered keyboards melodies.

“Indelible Heroes” doesn’t bring any astonishing innovations but the guitar riffs and leads manage to create a dirtier rocking groove in contrast with the over-polished chorus.

The lead single “Taste Of A Champion” is another guilty pleasure with big guitar sound, loads of focused melodic hooks and shimmering keyboards arrangements.

On “Give Me Tonight” a crunchy guitar driven rhythm leads the way while the extremely radio friendly happy chorus is surrounded by loads of bright keyboards layers.

With smooth emotional vocals and simplistic guitar riffs/solo “Restless Heart” is another example of what melodic rock for the masses sounds like.

“Big City Dream” truly feels like a 80s throwback with cheesy choruses and old fashioned energetic rock guitar & keyboards melodies that can be easily comprehended and enjoyed by large crowds.

In terms of songwriting “Sunbound” certainly sounds cohesive and entertaining as the whole album is meant to please a nostalgic audience but some picky music connoisseurs might find Brother Firetribe’s enthusiastic signature style quite dated or repetitive.

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