Troubled Horse – Revolution On Repeat

Among the several interesting Swedish bands Troubled Horse has a rather clear music pathway where classic heavy metal and retro rock ‘n’ roll are naturally mixed as you can tell immediately listening to the new album “Revolution On Repeat”

“Hurricane” relies on an energetic retro rock groove where loads of tight catchy guitar riffs and unrestrained raspy rocker style vocals take the lead but the memorable bold guitar solo also deserves attention.

“The Filthy Ones” features understated energetic grooves in the midst of a gloomy yet rebellious mood with vibrant psychedelic rock moments and captivating guitar solos.

“Peasants” has a well constructed steady rocking groove that feels like partying all night long and again owes its inner charismatic strength to the intense catchy guitar dynamics.

“The Haunted” is a monumental piece of music with a compelling series of moody old fashioned doom oriented guitar riffs, subtle psychedelic accents and melodies that naturally culminate in intricate melodic guitar solos.

“Desperation” holds a melancholic soul with a sad acoustic intro and a particularly passionate vocal delivery while guitars and keyboards successfully maintain a melodic sorrowful mood.

Lovers of the unstoppable retro rock scene will certainly embrace the warm 70’s vibes that characterize Troubled Horse’ music and “Revolution On Repeat” is definitely loaded with irresistible exquisite nostalgia.

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