Völur – Ancestors

Canadian trio Völur is ready to release the sophomore full length “Ancestors” which features strong doom roots as well as enchanting folk elements immersed in a darkened spiritual miasma. Bassist/vocalist Lucas Gadke of Blood Ceremony, violinist/vocalist Laura C. Bates of Fresh Snow and drummer James Payment of Do Make Say Think are certainly experienced musicians who have a clear conceptual vision and a genuine desire to carefully craft unique magnetic harmonies.

“Breaker Of Silence” is telling a story that focuses on darkly cinematic atmospheres as ethereal solace embrace vivid melodic textures. The organic slow and pensive instrumentation is adorned by otherworldly chants while simply irresistible and utterly mesmerizing violin melodies deliver grandiose beauty through darker rhythmic layers.

“Breaker Of Skulls” challenges the graceful darkness with intense growls that channel primordial and heavier blackened themes while bone chilling violin phrases earn again the deserved spotlight delivering majestic melodies as well as profound arcane vibes.

On “Breaker Of Oath” stunning dramatic classical violin evoke a transcendent scenario but this track also offers a particularly ominous side well supported by powerful bass dynamics. The melodic contemplative aspects of this song embodied by exceptionally captivating violin solos deserve to be listened thoroughly in order to fully and consciously embrace the depth of Völur’s enthralling music journey.

“Ancestors” is not your average metal album as Völur has created a magical work of music that sinuously dwells in the darkest artsy realms and draws cathartic strength from lavish hypnotizing melodies.


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