Necrowretch – Satanic Slavery

French extreme metal band Necrowretch furiously unleashes the latest effort “Satanic Slavery” a blasphemous anthem that draws inspiration and strength mainly from old school death metal.

There is no sunshine in the realm of Necrowretch and “Sprawl Of Sin” revolves around putrid stench and brutal guitar driven rhythms that just seem unstoppable except for brief slower more listenable guitar leads.

The title track comes with immense fury to deliver traditional fast drumming and guitar riffing that built a simply asphyxiating soundscape while raw enraged vocals perfectly match the crucial blackened mood.

“Evil Names” continues to follow the ancestral madness but there are hints of healthy doom in the slow and heavy guitar passages and almost crispy and melodic guitar solo.

“Verses From The Depths” tries to be as fast as possible with crushing guitar riffs and matching malevolent growls that seem to emerge from the depths of hell but a “calmer” breakdown gives way to a nice guitar solo.

Even if Necrowretch manages to place some variations in the middle of breakneck speed rhythms “Satanic Slavery” is truly a dreadful beast that would appeal mostly to death metal faithful fans in need of a quick brutal fix.

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