Galley Beggar – Heathen Hymns

Kentish band Galley Beggar’s music style is often categorized as folk rock but the newest fourth album “Heathen Hymns” demonstrates a rather eclectic soul effortlessly combining multifaceted elements to deliver a soothing yet dizzying collection of songs.

“Salome” is truly a magical music piece with addictively enchanting atmospheres that convey the harmonious feelings of sunbathing on a bed of delicate flowers. The entire instrumentation carries distinctive vintage nuances, guitar melodies craft subtle hypnotic melodies and vocalist Maria O’Donnell leads the listeners through elegant sonic layers.

“Four Birds” features a more adventurous rhythmic approach that still holds incredibly enchanting melodic themes gracefully enriched by Maria’s seductive vocal delivery while guitars amp up slightly darkened retro vibes.

“The Girl I Left Behind Me” starts with folk influenced enthralling acoustic guitars and inspired violins that channel a wistful emotional palette while the intricate melodic dynamics of the spacey retro rock guitar solo certainly deserve sincere attention.

“Lorelei” crafts genuine ethereal melodic vibes with minimalist acoustic guitar passages and mesmerizing violins while gentle vocals match the overall natural melancholy.

“Let No Man Steal Your Thyme” offers great instrumental fluidity blending mysterious atmospheres with loads of  hypnotic rock rhythmic segments while the psychedelic trippy warmth of the brilliant passionate guitar solo intensifies the song’s irresistible vintage mood.

With fragile melodies as well as charismatic psychedelic rock galore “Heathen Hymns” feels often relaxing like a spiritual & magical experience and Galley Beggar never fails to impress the listeners with compelling songwriting diversity.

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