Hate – Tremendum

Polish extreme metal icons Hate are back with the tenth full length “Tremendum” which comes with a renewed energy featuring the signature black/death style that has always gained attention in the underground metal scene.

On “Asuric Being” Hate consistently builds solemn momentums with battle ready marching rhythms and relentless blackened guitar riffing but also crafts the necessary somber melodic breaks and glistening guitar solos.

“Svarog’s Mountain” conveys uneasy gloomy vibes and carefully slows down to make space for understated dark themes while the killer crispy melodic guitar solo certainly can’t go unnoticed.

“Numinosum” still offers plenty of raw blackened fury with intensely fierce growls and primordial grandeur embedded in the steady sinister guitar dynamics.

“Ghostforce” unleashes visceral majestic growls and another generous dose of crushing unstoppable riffing & drumming while some grave melodic guitars briefly emerge through a thick wall of a sound.

“Walk Through Fire” closes the album with the expected vicious blackened energy but it’s not just random chaotic fury as crucial melodic passages and guitar leads enrich the song’s structure and texture.

“Tremendum” never slows down keeping the listeners quite satisfied from beginning to end and demands to be played loud in order to fully enjoy its inner ominous power.

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