Return To Void – Return To Void

Finnish prog rockers Return To Void have worked hard to craft the self titled debut album which particularly shines for the talented musicianship and crispy bright sound.

“Throughout The Ages” features upbeat rhythms and energetic grooves following a classic hard rock recipe but the highlight can be found in the variegated prog oriented guitar & bass segments.

Additional fancy prog rock dynamics can be found in the excellent guitar work on “Vail Of Confusion” which also features catchy 90s vibes especially in the radio friendly chorus.

“Sight Of Immortal Sea” carries deep melancholy borderline ballad style with plenty of easy melodies, soothing choirs and retro rock elements.

“All The Darkness” mostly has a happy sound with consistent vibrato vocals and loads of well executed melodic guitar riffs and leads that draw inspiration from classic rock/metal bands.

The eponymous track “Return To Void” features epic vibes and atmospheric accents that bear a touch of melancholy, again lead guitars take a dominant role to deliver compelling melodic solos.

Overall, Return To Void will need more time to create a more unique sound but delivers a sincere cohesive debut effort suitable not only for prog rock lovers but also a wider audience.

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