Nad Sylvan – The Bride Said No

Renowned progressive rock multitalented musician Nad Sylvan returns with the new solo album “The Bride Said No” which aims to entertain the audience with eclectic songwriting and talented musicianship.

In terms of songwriting and execution “The Quartermaster” is closer to traditional prog rock standards with flamboyant keyboards which provide brilliant solos as well as catchy layers with 80’s vibes.

Far from being your standard prog rock song “The White Crown” feels like a rock operetta with entertaining Victorian theatrics, charismatic and diverse synths melodies but also graceful classical accents.

“Crime Of Passion” features memorable guitar leads and 80’s influenced catchy rhythms but also relies on the sheer power of melancholy and nostalgia to capture the listeners’ attention.

The title track truly feels like attending a musical at the theatre with scrupulous attention for stylish details, several smooth style and tempo changes and a compelling vocal duet. There is always an uplifting mood but also a subtle nostalgia with elegant shimmering atmospheric arrangements and prog oriented crispy clean guitar solos.

With its fancy theatrical mood and interesting stylish arrangements “The Bride Said No” will easily please prog rock connoisseurs.


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