Paz Manera- Superbreakout

“Superbreakout” is the debut album of the Italian trio Paz Manera, released last April via AW Recordings, it contains 10 tracks ranging in the various sub-genres of rock.

The first track called as the album is an energetic rock song and I really like the change of rhythm in it. “The dancer” is the first single released and the protagonists are the powerful voice and the catchy melody.

The rhythm slows down with “Island”, the most pop song in the album, the sound slides slightly leaving a sweet embrace along the shoulders. In “Addicted girl” the intro is almost mystic,then it changes in an explosion of rock and the voice sounds more agressive.

“The wanderer” closes the album with its 8 minutes, long songs risk to be boring and repetitive, but that is not the case because everything works perfectly.

This album is a journey into the various shades of rock, particularly it will strike 70’s and 80’s rock lovers, every song is a surprise.
Guitar, bass and drums work harmoniously in each song but the difference is done by the voice that is never foregone.

Paz Manera did a great debut and I’m curious to see what’s going to happen in the future.

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