EoT interview

From Croatia EoT is ready to break down the wall with its multi-influenced music and the songs sung in its mother language.
We had the opportunity to talk with the band and find out more about its music, the idea behind it and the plans for the future.

Hey guys, how are you doing?
We’re doing awesome, thank you for asking!
We’re preparing for gigs and working hard on the new material even though we published our first album this year. Nevertheless, there is no time to lose!

-Would you mind to introduce the band and give us some biographical hints?
EoT is a alter-punk rock metal band formed in Karlovac, Croatia, in 2015.
The members are Maja Kolarić (voice / bass), Boris Kolarić (guitar / voice) and Goran Glavač (drums / voice).
In a very short time we have gained popularity across the country, we have performed in many festivals such as Schengen Fest 2015, InMusic 2016, Demo Fest Banja Luka 2016, UFO, Rock Marathon, Big Rock Explosion, Croatia Bike Week, Rovinj Musical Festival And Moto Meeting – MK Osijek 2017.
We also shared the stage with big names like Ashes You Leave, Underdust, Cold Snap, Fire, Frontback, Bjuz, Ice On Fire, Manntra, Zabranjeno Pušenje, Charlie ButterFly, Stahlzeit, Siddharta, Elvis Jackson, Noctiferia, Foundation, Elemental, SARS , Sassja, Elvis Jackson, Chips and Video Clips, Marijan Ban and Dictators, Cold Beer, Song Killers to name a few.
Last January we released our debut album “Defibrilacija” (Defibrilation) for an independent record label called Spona. From the album were released these singles’ Balkanska Physical Education ‘,’ What is the piont ‘,’ Bye bye ”, ” Defibrilación ” (Defibrilazione) Nepravda “(Injustice).
This June we were selected in the grand finale of the Karlovačko Rock Off bands festival.
Marko Matijević Sekul is the music producer, music and lyrics by Boris Kolarić and for the arrangenents 
we are responsibles with Marko Matijević Sekul.
Our music is inspired by the wide range of musical influences from classic to modern trends of the 21st century.


-Why did you choose EoT as name?
EoT is short for the name of the band we were all part of and a memory of good times in the past, but since we changed style and almost all members, it’s not the same story.
We kept the initials only for sentimental reasons, although we knew that “the book will be judged by its cover”, but in the end people realized that this is not the same band as the previous one.

-Your songs are sung in croatian, this is pretty unusual but it gives that something more to your music. Why did you choose to use you mother language and not english as many other do?
It’s really hard to sing in Croatian, and more importantly, in a way that it doesn’t sound stupid. English fits everywhere, in poetry, songs, everyday conversation, it is simple and it has beautiful words. It was easier for us to express in English because we’ve been listening to English and American bands since we were little kids. We’ve learned English through movies, cartoons and it’s kinda easier to express yourself in a different language because you can become a different person and not totally expose yourself to everyone.
Making songs in your native language is more personal and, as we mentioned earlier, it’s really hard writing something in Croatian that doesn’t sound forced, fake or like a really bad poetry but it has more effect because your heart is basically naked in front of the audience.



-Your music is defined as alternative rock but where EOT has its musical roots?
We put this “target” because you have to put something. People judge us because we play in a lot of musical genres, but the fact is that we like music and we can do anything we want.
The only difference when a small band does it and international stars do it, is that they have the financial power to persuade people that it’s okey to make a rock album and than an experimental album. We just do it for fun and well…because we can. We love punkrock, metal, rock, classic music, we love everything. We grew up listening to the Beatles, Californian punkrock bands, British pop rock bands, American indie rock bands, well hell, we grew up on classical composers. It’s music, there should be no limits.

-You have played a lot of shows around Croatia and shared the stage with some great names of the rock scene as Guano Apes, are you planning more shows in the future? And what’s about other countries?
Of course we are!
Recently we played in Italy, but the thing is, we are trying to play as much as we can in Croatia in order to promote our album, meet people that can hook us up with venues abroad and similiar.


-How is the rock and metal scene in Croatia at the moment?
There are a lot of bands, but nothing they do is as meaningful as ten years ago.
Today, everyone has a band, or 5 bands, everyone can play everything but there is rarely any meaningful music in them, because the bands are just projects that will fade away after two months. People don’t care about the same things anymore, and because of the rise of technology, people don’t socialize at concerts as often as they would before.

-What’s on plan for the future?
We have upcoming gigs and festivals, we’re trying to earn money and hopefully prizes so we can record a new album.

-We have done with this interview, thank you for your time! Would you like to say something to our readers?
If you do something you like, do it for yourself and your own inner growth, and if you’re good at it, never do it for free.



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