The Wizards – Full Moon In Scorpio

Spanish rock band The Wizards must have found the right inspiration to create the new album “Full Moon In Scorpio” after ‘several intense sessions of drug abuse and hard liquor-drinking marathons at backyard parties’.

“Avidja” introduces the vintage mood of this album as we are stuck in the ‘70s and ready to party all night while chunky guitar riffs confidently keep healthy rock grooves throughout the song.

“Calliope (Cosmic Revelations)” continues to impress with charismatic thick guitar riffing and wild exciting guitar soloing as the whole instrumentation keep a solid enjoyable rhythmic backbone.

“Stardust” still offers gritty spacey grooves but definitely channels traditional ‘70s doom dynamics as tempo and guitars slow down to acquire monolithic weight and darkened dramatic nuances without sacrificing the inner thunderous rock soul.

“When We Were Gods” showcases subtle occult rock nuances and is certainly filled with cathartic darkness. With undeniable passion, vocals pay tribute to Danzig and guitars craft beautiful decadent melodies but there is still space for intense retro rock guitar solos and savage grooves.

The retro rock revival never ceases to amaze and The Wizards demonstrate to know what ‘70s rock is supposed to sound like in fact “Full Moon In Scorpio” turns out to be a wild entertaining album.

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