Helfir – The Human Defeat

Italian multi-instrumentalist Luca Mazzotta’s solo project Helfir is ready to release the second album “The Human Defeat”.

“Time In Our Minds” immediately showcases Luca’s genuine passion for music. While the style is not astonishingly innovative, this track feature a series of lovely melancholy infused guitar melodies with a crispy clear sound and a mix of growls and clean emotional vocal delivery.

“Light” offers great atmospheric layers and immense melancholy clearly embedded in the well executed soothing arpeggios and whispered vocals.

“Tide” continues to follow a highly melancholic pathway and accessible smooth guitar melodies channel gloomy rainy landscapes and reach a natural acme with an intense guitar solo.

“Chant D’Automne” evokes an elegant emotional sonic palette with fragile lovely arpeggios and relaxed yet highly nostalgic atmospheres.

“Mechanical God” keeps similar nostalgic themes with some heavier guitar driven moments but relies mainly on loads of modern atmospheric electro arrangements.

Overall, “The Human Defeat” holds a pleasant melodic soul and certainly features strong gothic metal influences but tends to go beyond those safe boundaries with the addition of atmospheric/ambient layers.

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