Cellar Darling – This Is The Sound

Anna Murphy, Merlin Sutter and Ivo Henzi have left acclaimed folk metal band Eluveitie but since their music journey is not over they created the new outfit Cellar Darling in less than a year. The long anticipated debut album “This Is The Sound” aims to please the listeners with a blend of classic folk elements and groovy rock/metal dynamics.

“Avalanche” is structured like a mystical mantra holding a rightful dosage of folk oriented harmonious strings and some catchy guitar riffs while Anna’s voice can be spellbinding as well as highly energetic.

“Black Moon” acquires darker shades but retains a catchy melodic metal core with smooth guitar leads and thick bass lines while elegant folk embellishments further enrich the song’s structure.

“Challenge” features intricate melodic tapestries with remarkable folk accents while clean polished guitar leads, passionate bright vocals and luminous atmospheres contribute to create a memorable catchy chorus.

“The Hermit” focuses on guitar driven raw grooves without sacrificing the melodic nature of the song particularly expressed in another triumphant catchy chorus while folk influenced rhythmic passages hold a magical power.

“Fire, Wind & Earth” owes its strength to a skillful combination of memorable rock guitars crescendo, beautifully inspired melodic orchestration and enchanting vocals.

“Hedonia” channels the mesmerizing beauty of nature as the folk mystical spirit is particularly enhanced by dreamy hurdy gurdy and glowing chants.

Leaving behind the past success and music pathway of Eluveitie, with “This Is The Sound” Cellar Darling is exploring new territories in order to construct a truly fresh identity and so far the results are absolutely enjoyable.

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