End Of Green – Void Estate

Long standing German gothic rock band End Of Green returns with the latest melancholic collection of songs “Void Estate”.

“Send In The Clowns” features a marvelous emotionally charged catchy chorus that will inevitably get stuck in your mind and a sadness infused mood perfectly expressed by the minimalist yet energetic guitar melodies.

On “Darkside Of The Sun” everything feels immensely bittersweet wondering what could have been but will never happen. Subtly majestic guitars spontaneously acquire a more dark/doom metal edge crafting all kinds of lovely heartfelt melodies while Michelle Darkness on vocals guarantees an overdose of kaleidoscopic melancholia with charismatic gloomy baritone delivery.

“The Door” might feel soft and comfortable as there are plenty of romantic themes flowing throughout the song but it’s that type of love that must always end in desperation. Michelle Darkness continues to channel pain & passion over smooth poignant guitar melodic progressions.

“The Unseen” is all gothic & dark as it opens with Michelle Darkness’s powerful mesmerizing low tones and it’s impossible not to fall in love with the introspective beauty of the sorrowful soothing guitar harmonies.

“Mollodrome” holds that darkness that we keep on longing for and the inner loneliness that becomes to feel quite comfortable. Elegant sorrowful guitar melodies and refined leads create intricate melancholic tapestries while Michelle Darkness delivers touching multifaceted vocals channeling shattered, almost desperate, emotions.

There is a lot of sadness on “City Of Broken Thoughts” but the chorus and delicate arpeggios are simply addictive. Surrounded by spacey dark melodic layers, everything sounds so genuine it makes you feel good or even gives you a pale sense of hope.

“Void Estate” absolutely shines for mature songwriting style, by now End Of Green should be recognized worldwide as a band that truly knows the meaning of darkness and doesn’t refrain from exploring the depths of human emotions.

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