Radio Moscow – New Beginnings

Lovers of sweaty and passionate psychedelic rock will absolutely appreciate Radio Moscow’s signature style. The power trio is back with a lavish full length entitled “New Beginnings” that promises a nostalgic rock wild ride with excellent musicianship and authentic passion for a music genre that should never be forgotten.

“New Beginning” naturally comes out of a rock jam and never ceases to surprise and intrigue the listeners with plenty of perfectly executed entertaining guitar solos that fully channel the nostalgic harmonies of 60’s/70’s rock. The band nails the vintage sound and doesn’t refrain from getting wild and loud with unstoppable groovy rhythms.

“Deceiver” feels like tripping in the middle of the desert as it is filled of hypnotizing guitar melodies & riffs assuring a constant tight groove that keeps on gaining acrobatic strength and will inevitably make you jump and dance like there’s no tomorrow.

“No One Knows Where They’ve Been” features another overdose of glamorous untamable guitar licks/solos following a moody electrified rhythm and everything feels like an impromptu dazed jam as the band has no interest in playing it safe to satisfy any given music marketing standard.

With a majestic thick vintage guitar sound “Pacing” flows smoothly packing all kinds of catchy fancy guitar work and raw energetic vocals that will eventually make you feel a bit dizzy.

“Dreams” would favor a state of altered perception as once again the guys in Radio Moscow are deliberately engaged in an intricate edgy rock/bluesy jam and the mesmerizing vintage psychedelic vibes are skillfully embedded in every fuzzy guitar riff and bass line particularly when the song reaches a slower artsy trance.

Radio Moscow demonstrate great talent as without any hesitation they unleash a spontaneous hyper energetic jam channeling the renowned raw power of retro psychedelic rock and the whole album “New Beginnings” will certainly sound even more charismatic in a live performance.

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