Sea In The Sky – Everything All At Once

Progressive/alternative rock band Sea In The Sky is ready to release the first full length entitled “Everything All At Once”.

“Dreamer” features a relaxed, at times emotional, mood with an easy chorus and loads of polished melodic guitars that could definitely appeal to a wide audience, also it must be noted that everything becomes more interesting when the band introduces some lovely jazzy patterns and tempo variations.

On “Pale Blue Dot” guitars maintain the leading role with refined luminous melodies and occasionally acquire an intriguing series of full blown progressive dynamics resulting in pleasant shredding leads.

“Neck Romancer” is a moody track that delivers groovy syncopated rhythms and the band spices up the melodic core with intricate guitar work.

On “Overview Effect” guitars keep the listeners engaged blending multifaceted prog oriented melodies while the mood becomes particularly poignant with passionate vocals and dreamy harmonies.

The catchy title track focuses on polychromatic layers of smooth guitar melodies that channel positive energy and peaceful vibes.

“Everything All At Once” is a promising debut album, while many songs are filled with several catchy moments the main highlights can be certainly found in the eclectic fresh rhythms and the quite enjoyable guitar work.

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