With The Dead – Love From With The Dead

Iconic former Cathedral singer Lee Dorrian and ex-Electric Wizard/Ramesses bassisit/guitarist Tim Bagshaw have joined forces again in the band With The Dead to deliver the new album “Love From With The Dead”, an authentic doom metal opus that could become the perfect soundtrack for our dysfunctional world.

As the album opener “Isolation” begins with monolithic guitar riffs and desperate laments, it becomes clear that With The Dead have no intention of writing easy mellow hooks to satisfy a wide audience. Instead the main focus is the creation of a spontaneous work of heavy doom where guitars are characterized by a gritty depressing tone that sets a perennial dark mood even when psychedelic distorted and somehow more accessible melodies emerge from a claustrophobic hopeless abyss.

On “Egyptian Tomb” monumental bass lines and fuzzy guitars craft an arcane desolate atmosphere but there are some lovely melodic concoctions and borderline groovy guitar solos that still maintain a sheer adoration for absolute darkness but definitely balance the merciless negativity.

As a dismal march through a dark world of ruins “Cocaine Phantoms” revolves around astonishingly heavy guitar riffs supported by a massive rhythmic backbone while Lee Dorrian’s steady mournful voice and hypnotic guitar melodies generate a nightmarish aura.

The lengthy asphyxiating “CV1” closes the album like a powerful reminder that everything is lost forever as guitars acquire psychedelic/acidic textures mixed to lugubrious doom heaviness while the dissonant addition of experimental electro/drone elements simply enhances the extreme dreadful destiny of mankind.

Shaping a realm of hopelessness and despair as all that could go wrong just happened irreparably With The Dead deliver one of the heaviest collection of songs ever composed and “Love From With The Dead” is what uncompromised doom metal should sound like.


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