Epica – The Solace System

Symphonic metal masters Epica are known to be quite prolific and an unstoppable creative force in the current metal scene. While working on the widely acclaimed full length “The Holographic Principle” some songs didn’t exactly fit the flow of the record therefore Epica has decided to release this extra material as six new tracks on the EP “The Solace System”.

The title track displays all the lavish elements that have contributed to Epica’s worldwide success. Grandiose symphonic arrangements constantly create theatrical layers entwined with harsher guitar driven grooves but the main music core here revolves around luminous guitar melodies that reach a natural acme with the highly catchy chorus enhanced by Simone’s flawless & passionate vocal performance.

“Architect Of Life” starts with somber majestic orchestrations and solemn operatic choirs as expected from Epica’s flourishing music formula. Polished guitar leads and crunchy guitar riffs work harmoniously to keep a compelling melodic fluidity.

“Wheel Of Destiny” features charismatic faster guitar riffs and more aggressive metal twists while dazzling catchy melodies are surrounded by enticing haunting atmospheric arrangements.

On “Decoded Poetry” you will find a poetic guitar approach that delivers loads of soothing melodies embellished by dramatic operatic choirs and Simone’s smooth uplifting vocal delivery but, as expected, Epica doesn’t forget to add some rough borderline furious guitar riffing amplified by Mark’s venomous growls.

Overall, the tracks included on “The Solace System” are impeccably executed and showcase a palpable affinity with the album “The Holographic Principle” which renders them easy to love for all Epica’s devotees.

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