Loviatar – Loviatar

Hailing from Canada Loviatar proudly releases the first self titled full length effort crafting an interesting blend of gloomy doom/post-metal nuances surrounded by a remarkable mythological aura.

“Nascent (Stygian Wyrm Part I)” opens the album with charismatic guitar melodies that often showcase the dark magnificence of doom metal while the overall mood features some arcane folk accents. In contrast “Discordant (Stygian Wyrm Part II)” offers a highly energetic guitar driven rhythm supported by super thick bass lines and turbulent drumming.

“Ascendant (Stygian Wyrm Part III)” instead shifts the focus to more melancholy infused memorable guitar melodies and desolate atmospheres.

“Blind Goddess of the Nine Plagues” is a monolithic lengthy music piece that cannot be ignored as it includes all the major elements that characterize Loviatar’s music pathway. Thick atmospheric layers enhance a super heavy tormented ensemble of doom oriented guitar riffs and mournful melodies. The band builds a monumental bass & drums backbone with occasional balanced powerful faster blasts while solemn moody guitar melodies provide profound darkened textures and acquire multidimensional hypnotic quality during the slower mystical moments.

In terms of composition and conceptual creativity Loviatar confidently delivers a cohesive album that will certainly trigger interest in the current metal scene.

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