Kadavar – Rough Times

German rockers Kadavar return triumphantly with the fashionably loud album “Rough Times” which, as expected, will take the listeners through a wild fuzzy music journey with blazing retro rock vibes.

With crazy borderline chaotic crushing weight the title track ensures high impact with tremendously heavy fuzzy guitar riffs that carry glorious ‘70s tonalities but occasionally the instrumentation and the vocals acquires easier melodic textures.

“Into The Wormhole” feels dizzy and dazed as we are traveling back in time under the influence of hallucinogenic stoner rock jams with roaring guitar riffs bearing a hint of the heaviest doom available and crunchy thick bass lines while the vocal delivery in the chorus is absolutely catchy.

“Die Baby Die” is an unforgettable track that offers addictive guitar riffs & melodies with a solid up-tempo groove, as the mood grows darker a blistering psychedelic fuzzy guitar solo inevitably steals the spotlight.

“Vampires” could have been composed in the ‘70s as Kadavar are able to naturally channel pure vintage melodies that here express a moody sense of melancholia but never fail to build a charismatic rhythm enriched by an excellent retro rock infused guitar solo.

“Tribulation Nation” sounds like a spacey blurry trip as a true psychedelic galore with an intergalactic essence surrounds the guitar driven grooves resulting in a memorable glistening catchy song.

“A L’Ombre Du Temps” takes you to an alternate reality as it deviates from the heavy stoner rock structure to deliver trippy dreamlike ambient vibes spiced up by ethereal distortions and bohemienne French whispered recitation.

“Rough Times” can easily hypnotize the audience with an impulsive psychedelic rock whirlwind and monumental spacey grooves confirming that Kadavar have become a mature prolific band with a remarkable creative force.

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