Camerata Mediolanense – Le Vergini Folli

When poetry and music embrace usually something unexpectedly beautiful comes to life. In the case of the extremely talented Italian neofolk/neoclassical ensemble Camerata Mediolanense the magical beauty characterizing the newest release “Le Vergini Folli” is actually expected and easily appreciated.

As all the songs on “Le Vergini Folli” “Lacrime Di Gioia” focuses mainly on the creation of darkened atmospheres through layered classical tonalities that allow graceful vocals to take the center stage. The stunning dreamlike composition is further enhanced by minimalist piano melodies, intensely theatrical narratives and elegant strings.

On “Scrissi Con Stile Amaro” the impeccable performance of piano and voice acquires a deserved dominant role with a crescendo of melancholic classical textures while violins deliver additional refined poetic vibes.

“Mi Vuoi” might be one of the most charismatic tracks featuring an intoxicating ensemble of lavish piano and strings melodies while vocals continue to display a delightfully dramatic delivery through an irresistible emotional and rhythmic climax.

On “Pace Non Trovo” the addition of baritone vocals amplifies the theatrical neoclassical mood and delicate piano flawlessly provides understated melodic tapestries.

Like an operetta “Quando ‘L Sol” showcases a symphonic approach with genuinely sophisticated soprano vocals accompanied by an exquisitely fascinating piano composition in proper classical style but also maintains a subtle darkened mood.

Simply enchanting is what comes to mind listening to “Le Vergini Folli” which, far from being an average collection of songs, feels more like an arcane dream fueled by forgotten poems and fragile emotions and carefully crafted by the impressive group of chamber musicians behind Camerata Mediolanense.

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