Nachtblut – Apostasie

Straight from a realm of pure darkness German gothic/dark metal outfit Nachtblut emerges with the new release “Apostasie” symbolizing a new chapter as the band adds an industrial twist to the signature music formula.

“Multikulturell” shines for the exquisitely dark atmospheric quality that naturally evokes a nightmarish scenario with eerie yet sumptuous orchestrations matched by diabolically gothic vocals and irresistibly darkened groovy guitars.

“Lied Für Die Götter” features the understated elegance of classical flute and acoustic passages that create plenty of subtle harmonies carefully entwined with crushing guitar riffs and a gothic oriented mood.

Refined piano melodies and pure melancholy mark the beginning of “Amok” but soon this track evolves into a massive industrial anthem with super catchy electro layers and simply unstoppable groovy rhythmic guitars resulting in a wildly energetic gothic/industrial hybrid.

“Frauenausbeiner” feels more like straight goth ‘n roll with a series of simple guitar driven grooves and a general rock party vibe that slightly diverge from the usual intense darkness which is still present in smaller dosage in the somber bass lines and the rather malicious devilish screams.

“Einsam” stands out for the classical piano passages that flawlessly evoke a fairytale mood and a dreamy sonic palette bearing symphonic accents with elegant borderline romantic atmospheres that reach the expected acme with guest vocalist Aeve Maurell’ s delicately enchanting vocal delivery.

The title track begins with solemn symphonic orchestrations that will continue to offer a triumphant theatrical background while a darkened bolder temperament becomes palpable with loads of crunchy guitar riffs and sinister vocals.

Full of enthralling dark melodies as well as more enraged industrial grooves “Apostasie” can even become addictive at times and Nachtblut demonstrates to be quite comfortable with such renewed variegated music style.

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