Savage Messiah – Hands Of Fate

British metallers Savage Messiah return with the fourth full length “Hands Of Fate” which definitely focuses on renowned energetic dynamics of classic heavy metal ardently combined with subtle heartfelt melodies and thrash oriented heavier patterns.

The title track is an ideal opener including the major characteristics and mood of the whole album as Savage Messiah fearlessly puts together loads of guitar driven catchy grooves that bear classic metal tonalities embellished by a big memorable chorus and some wilder guitar tricks.

“Blood Red Road” keeps a similar mid paced rhythmic approach with occasional high impact thrash accents but also some pleasantly polished melodic guitars that eventually culminate in an entertaining solo rampage.

“Lay Down Your Arms” tends to slow down as guitars acquire sophisticated melodic quality and the overall mood becomes emotionally darker but there are still plenty of groovy riffs to enjoy.

“The Last Confession” doesn’t necessarily sacrifice the usual heavier riffage but definitely favors an almost dramatic melodic approach with smooth guitar leads and some mellow vocals that acquire higher energy in the memorable chorus.

Despite the scattered chunky guitar riffs “Out Of Time” becomes more atmospheric with a softer introspective mood enriched by a quieter rhythmic section, lavish guitar melodies and a melancholic yet catchy chorus.

With cohesive songwriting “Hands Of Fate” primarily revolves around the creation of widely accessible catchy grooves and borderline ‘happy’ mood that might not sound extremely unique at times nevertheless Savage Messiah will certainly gain more followers with this new album.

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