Black Wail – Chromium Homes

The story of Jersey City’s rockers Black Wail starts in 2014 so they might still be considered an emerging act but the newest EP “Chromium Homes” is meant to gather a wide audience with a dazzling blend of 70’s hard rock and psychedelia.

The fuzzy guitar harmonies of “They” immediately set the vintage mood that will dominate the album as the band proves to be capable of channeling the most beloved elements of classic southern rock skillfully spiced up with multifaceted stylish details such as the trippy vibes of stoner rock, the versatility of bluesy guitar style and a heavier sludge attitude.

On “Thee Ghost” guitar driven rhythms acquire crunchy dynamics ensuring a quite heavy wall of sound yet elegant atmospheric details evoke darkened nuances definitely amplified by fierce vocals while gradually an acidic rock trip becomes palpable with groovy guitar riffs & melodies.

The title track features absolutely pleasant bluesy rock grooves bearing lavish retro rock tonalities which always provide additional entertaining quality with loads of smooth guitar licks, genuine rocker style vocal delivery and slightly trippy atmospheric layers.

It would be hard to resist the cathartic doom nature of “Norwegian Wood” as Black Wail slows down the rhythm to fully enhance the band’s darker side and evoke psychedelic dreamy soundscapes that constantly surround the whole instrumentation leading to a highly enjoyable guitar solo.

Certainly “Chromium Homes” showcases talented musicianship and a lovable darkened rock vision as Black Wail puts a lot of passion in the composition of these tracks.

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