Sorxe – Matter & Void

Phoenix based band Sorxe is relatively a new name in the metal scene but the sophomore effort “Matter & Void” demands the listeners’ full attention as these guys deliver captivating songwriting ideas with intense psychedelic flavors.

The spacey atmospheric vibes of “Hypnotizer” introduce massive guitar driven grooves and certainly the untamed screams help maintaining a heavy approach but with undiluted creative force wild guitars tend to take the spotlight leading to a charismatic guitar solo.

The psychedelic nature of “Distraction Party” is definitely attention worthy as fierce guitar riffs and distorted licks guide the whole instrumentation through monolithic rhythmic patterns that will occasionally slow down with stoner oriented melodic passages.

“Never To See” puts aside the expected overdose of heavy sludge concoctions to create an enigmatic atmospheric maze with a consequent trippy mood and it’s like feeling lost in a remote desert at night when the guitar work start to deliver hazy melodies but also slightly macabre nuances.

On “The Endless Chasm” Sorxe raises the bar with a genuine desire for experimentation in order to escape the need to follow the annoying standard rules of music composition. There is still a cohesive backbone of stoner doom & sludge elements to satisfy a thirst for punishing heavy rhythms yet this lengthy track will take you through a multi-dimensional music journey when everything slows down to favor acidic rock melodies built by an excellent guitar work that just seems unstoppable within an addictive psychedelic whirlwind.

Ensuring a majestic heavy assault that benefits also from the presence of two bassists, “Matter & Void” dwells in a darkened psychedelic limbo where Sorxe carefully crafts intricate and often unexpected music patterns that will inevitably intrigue the audience.

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