Dead Quiet – Grand Rites

Canadian metallers Dead Quiet are eager to conquer the audience with the sophomore work of music “Grand Rites” containing a massive blend of classic heavy metal roots, stoner and doom.

“Moon Cruiser” is all about tight guitar riffing and chunky rhythmic patterns but there are hints of stoner rock providing some welcomed trippy vibes further enhanced by vintage keyboards arrangements and intriguing melodic progressions while vocals often becomes angered screams.

“Blood Lovers” begins with atmospheric keyboards introducing a crescendo of gloomy melodic guitars that will acquire a heavier attitude building cohesive classic rock grooves amplified by intensely thick bass lines yet keeping a melodic core spiced up by retro keyboards accents.

“Disgraced” showcases a power ballad approach as everything slows down significantly to favor lovely slow burning melodies leading to an absolutely compelling borderline dramatic guitar solo enhanced by steady melancholy infused keyboards layers and obvious dominant retro flavors.

“Fucking Oath” clearly evokes a moody doom essence that influences deeply the heavier guitar riffs and the consequent strong bass driven rhythmic patterns accompanied by subtle ‘70s rock oriented spacey keyboards and a wild vocal delivery.

“Grand Rights” closes the album reflecting the weirder and at times dissonant tonalities of the second half of songs and is certainly not an ordinary metal track as Dead Quiet seems to become more adventurous. You still find a great deal of stoner rock/metal elements as guitar riffs ensure a heavy rhythmic section that will eventually evolve into a darkly spaced out sonic realm.

As you can tell immediately there are experienced musicians behind Dead Quiet ensuring a mature sound and songwriting skills which result in an enthusiastic music approach and the retro rock/metal tonalities render “Grand Rites” an enjoyable listening experience.

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