Hard Action – Hot Wired Beat

Following an explosive debut in the underground scene young Finnish rockers Hard Action return with the sophomore release “Hot Wired Beat”, an album devoted to straightforward authentic rock dynamics with an entertaining vintage essence.

Listening to “Free Fall” will reminisce of bands like Hanoi Rocks because of the up-tempo guitar action full of licks and sleazy hooks that basically take the lead throughout the song.

“Nothing Ever Changed” can display mellow melodic vibes in the midst of another round of solid mid-paced rhythmic patterns and guitars are again very dominant in the mix accompanying the punkish rebel vocals with the right amount of traditional rock dynamics.

On “The Losing Side” the adrenaline blasts are definitely toned down as the band favors a melodic approach with inevitable radio friendly tones but guitars do maintain the retro gritty energy that becomes more empowering in the entertaining guitar solo.

“Tied Down” returns to focus on high impact rhythmic dynamics fueled by traditional rock aesthetics as guitars deliver tight riffing jamming towards a lovely guitar solo but there is still space for softer melodies.

“Tunnel Vision” is all about loads of gritty guitar riffs & solos executed in bold rocker fashion with the welcomed addition of fuzzy tonalities that accentuate the irresistible vintage mood resulting in a particularly delightful anthemic rock groove.

On “Hot Wired Beat” Hard Action pays homage to decades of catchy rock n’ roll successfully crafting all kinds of melodic hooks and focusing on enthusiastic guitar driven grooves.


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