The Mystery Of The Bulgarian Voices – Pora Sotunda

For six decades the choir known as The Mystery Of The Bulgarian Voices has worked with various artists and delivered an ensemble of ancient and post-modern music based on the fact that human voice is an extremely versatile instrument. On the new venture “Pora Sotunda, a single that will be followed by a full length album next year, the choir joins forces with renowned vocalist Lisa Gerrard of Dead Can Dance to lead the listeners through an enchanted sonic realm.

On “Pora Sotunda” exotic and archaic flavors evoke distant magical soundscapes with the addition of subtle tribal percussions and soft arpeggios while Lisa Gerrard as lead vocalist delivers an inspired performance adding darker yet absolutely warm tonalities.

“Ganka” impresses with the minimalist yet empowering sounds that the choir seem to achieve effortlessly with mystical arcane chants.

Those looking for a unique sonic experience and willing to keep an open mind will certainly benefit from the uniquely fascinating music journey that is “Pora Sotunda”.

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