Watain – Trident Wolf Eclipse

Swedish black metal outfit Watain, among controversy & mixed reactions, has relentlessly conquered a seminal status in the current metal scene with their bloody live ceremonies and the chosen unrestrained extreme music pathway that is absolutely evident on the latest effort “Trident Wolf Eclipse”.

“Nuclear Alchemy” marks a ferocious promising beginning with an overdose of fast riffing & drumming blasting from the most ominous depths of black metal. Scattered creepy guitar leads and diabolical growls actively contribute to the overall atmosphere which simply feels like a hymn to pure darkness as the band fully embraces an intense blackened essence.

“Sacred Damnation” again is fueled by raw blackened energy perfectly expressed by tight guitar riffing and a thunderous rhythmic backbone that just seems unstoppable with signature cold melodic tonalities that further intensify the sinister atmospheric arrangements.

“Teufelsreich” is filled with somber Nordic vibes as guitars focus on the creation of melodic tapestries while tempo shifts from contemplative soundscapes to sheer blackened classic dynamics ensuring the dominant presence of a bold faster groove.

On “Ultra (Pandemoniac)” a sulfurous stench permeates the whole instrumental blackness as fierce guitar riffs diligently follow punishing fast rhythmic patterns and untamed guitar leads provide extra chaotic vibes.

With traditional cold tonalities “Towards The Sanctuary” evokes oppressive soundscapes as the whole rhythmic ensemble focuses mainly on viciously blackened dynamics ensuring a breathless sonic realm yet guitars also manage to elaborate haunting melodic phrases and intriguing variations.

On “Trident Wolf Eclipse” Watain is not necessarily trying to deliver a breakthrough album but rather reconfirms a determined devotion towards the beloved black metal realm showing that faithful acolytes can always trust the band to create a purely uncompromising extreme work of music.

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