Earthless – Black Heaven

Psychedelic power trio Earthless has already a dedicated fanbase that will inevitably grow with the newest long awaited full length entitled “Black Heaven” which definitely follows a stoner rock music pathway similar to previous albums but with the addition of a lot of vocals, therefore what started as an instrumental band is evolving into an even more intriguing entity.

With the album opener “Gifted By The Wind” Earthless immediately embarks on an impulsive wild jam that will drag the listeners into a psychedelic whirlwind evoking classic rock nuances spiced up by the band’s artistic freedom that allows a strong catchy melodic up-tempo structure accompanied by Isaiah’s rocker style vocal delivery, yet the guitar acrobatics that effortlessly shift from chunky riffing to utterly hypnotizing solos often loaded with wah-wah are the absolute highlight of the song.

Eerie noisy guitars create a suspenseful mood on “End To End” and introduce a power jam focused on the inflamed tonalities of authentic stoner rock mood fueled by spaced out melodic moments and variegated groovy dynamics that always provide the perfect rhythmic backbone for an exciting dosage of trippy experimental guitar solos.

Prepare to be dazed & confused with the trippy sensations brought to you by “Electric Flame” which sets the mood with gritty guitar riffs that gradually build an entertaining groove again accompanied by Isaiah’s confident vocals. The powerful drums & bass backbone also showcases ‘70s classic rock nuances while the multiple outstanding guitar solos focus on channeling full blown psychedelia infused melodies and endless shredding that will make you feel dizzy.

The title track screams classic desert psychedelic rock and takes you back to the trippy old fashioned days with an enticing series of guitar driven grooves full of raw rock riffing and irresistible beats while Isaiah’s lead guitar work is simply impressive and never fails to entertain the listeners with delicious fuzzy momentum and refreshing creative force as he keeps on tearing it up with intense spontaneity and sonic variety that could go on for hours.

Undoubtedly Earthless deserve to be recognized worldwide as Isaiah Mitchell demonstrates his singing abilities and once again proves to be a guitarist of rare talent & creativity in modern times therefore “Black Heaven” is most likely the album that will gather a wider audience and solidify the band’s status in the current music scene.
Black Heaven

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