Eartheria – Awaken the sun

The Finnish progressive death metal band Eartheria has released its second EP at the beginning  of February.

Two years ago we discovered Eartheria with their first EP “Throes of Time”,
it was immediately clear the potential of this band and we had the confirmation of their talent from their live performances.

Their new EP “Awaken the sun” is going to blow away every dubs; The mini album contains 5 tracks that flow smoothly, the sound is more aggressive and melancholy, the songs are complex with killer riffs and fast drums change-up beats.

What more I love about this album is the balance of the sound, long songs but never boring and the excellent production.

A mention goes also to the artwork, created by Niklas Turunen, which represents very well the essence of the album.

This album is a gem in a sea full of anonymous music, like a cold wind from the north Eartheria comes to refresh the metal scene.

Listen to me; We will hear from Eartheria a lot in the future, they are going to become a well known band.

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