Graveshadow – Ambition’s Price

Fronted by charismatic vocalist Heather Michele California based symphonic/gothic-metal band Graveshadow is ready to release the second full length “Ambition’s Price” which embraces the familiar stylish elements of such beloved metal subgenre.

“Doorway To Heaven” marks a strong beginning as ‘90s atmospheric keyboards are particularly dominant surrounding and shaping a simple catchy rhythmic ensemble where guitars focus on a combo of crunchy riffs and polished melodies while Heather’s vocals effortlessly shift from dramatic cleans to enraged growls.

On “Widow And The Raven” guitars and keyboards craft softly epic melodies but there are occasional fierce rhythmic bursts even if the band chooses to deliver an easy minimalist groove and focus more on atmospheric accents and charming vocals.

The title track becomes more melancholic with somber melodic guitars and subtly grandiose keyboards arrangements certainly emphasizing the symphonic aspects that simply embellish the accessible rhythm while vicious growls and some thicker riffing spice up the soft melodic essence.

“The Unspoken” stays true to power metal style riffage and consequent epic vibes with loads of atmospheric layers plus fiery growls certainly channel the ready to battle mood in contrast with the prominent melodic momentum.

The primary melodic nature of “Return To Me” is immediately evident as the band favors melancholic guitar passages, harmonious keyboards breakdowns and ethereal atmospheric layers while Heather focuses on soothing clean vocals to match the general gloomy mood.

“Liberator” cranks up the volume with more frenetic rhythmic patterns as guitars become more present confidently acquiring heavier tonalities accompanied by intense growls and another dosage of symphonic accents featuring haunting organ melodies.

“Ambition’s Price” certainly offers those symphonic/power metal dynamics that conquered many fans in the last two decades and Graveshadow confidently represents the genre delivering cohesive songwriting and musicianship.

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