Kalmah – Palo

Finnish band Kalmah has a lot of history and passion for melodic death metal that mixed with majestic symphonic accents dominates the songwriting style of the latest effort “Palo”.

On “Blood Ran Cold” the major melo-death dynamics are easily recognizable drenched in the beloved Nordic essence that provides the cold heavy tonalities of each instrumental passage as guitars are ready for battle with groovy riffing, fancy soloing and additional melodic splendor surrounded by a fair dosage of graceful orchestrations.

“The Evil Kin” can be rather ferocious when guitars start the song with that irresistible crunchy tone that will influence the primary riffage and symphonic orchestrations offer exquisite darkened & diabolical nuances definitely enhanced by menacing growls yet there is plenty of space dedicated to pleasant melodic crescendos & solos that carry slightly triumphant power metal tonalities.

“Take Me Away” begins with melancholy infused piano melodies and subtle atmospheric layers which will often recur throughout the song’s heavier rhythmic patterns and smoothly introduce a proper Scandinavian melo-death style skillfully built by intense melodic guitars that will reach the rightful acme with polished soothing solos.

With groovy rhythmic textures “Waiting In The Wings” features a frenetic tempo with a particularly strong riffing galore, nevertheless the hellish essence of this song doesn’t sacrifice the more accessible melodic moments that become absolutely entertaining when guitars take the center stage with quite compelling solos and neoclassical accents.

“Erase And Diverge” prepares a heavy sonic assault as thunderous drums and delightfully thick guitar riffing follow an enraging faster tempo showcasing the band’s classic death metal roots accompanied by the expected overdose of massive growls yet despite the primary heavier substance this track still features loads of melodic hooks.

A profound melancholy returns to haunt the melodic essence of “The Stalker” which definitely offers another consistent round of grandiose melodic guitars that will also offer some raw darkened riffing but a slower tempo and a contemplative mood will become a major element with loads of somber arpeggios, soulful guitar acrobatics and refined atmospheric orchestrations.

Despite several line-up changes in their long 26 years career Kalmah returns to the scene with renewed energy and confidence which ultimately leads to the cohesive blend of primordial death metal and symphonic elegance of “Palo”.


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