The Golden Grass – Absolutely

New York-based psychedelic retro rock power trio The Golden Grass is ready to jam freely on the latest effort “Absolutely” so here is your chance to embrace this catchy retro rock music journey and simply have fun.

“Show Your Hand” immediately feels like a good nostalgic trip as a slightly funky rhythm and lovable bluesy guitars truly have a genuine retro sound and are busy concocting all kinds of good time rock grooves evoking a summer outdoor festival atmosphere.

With impressive and highly entertaining guitar work “Runaway” continues to craft super groovy moments blending variegated melodic classic rock flavors with uncomplicated fluidity and psychedelic accents aptly leading to dazed & confused vibes all over the song.

“Walk Along” starts with rather nostalgic vibes enhanced by bass & guitars phrases and in general holds a highly melodic soul but also offers some psychedelic almost surreal moments before returning to a proper rock party mood.

“The Spell” offers another healthy round of guitar driven grooves screaming retro rock with that particularly enjoyable vintage sound genuinely deprived of fancy modern special effects resulting in a fun & catchy tune embellished by kaleidoscopic guitar melodies.

“Out On The Road” has a charismatic trippy and slightly heavier approach that will ultimately lead to plenty of groovy dynamics focusing on spontaneous guitar driven jams but also features easy ‘sing-along’ choruses and memorable rocking guitar solos.

Channeling full blown retro rock and positive vibes The Golden Grass are always ready to jam with an authentic vintage spirit & sound and it would not be farfetched to believe that “Absolutely” could have been released in the ‘70s.

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