Spiders – Killer Machine

Swedish rockers Spiders are on a mission to keep rock ‘n’ roll alive with the latest effort “Killer Machine” so get ready for a wild ride.

Packed with gritty guitar riffs and a catchy chorus “Shock And Awe” channels the energetic mood that will dominate the entire album and the consequent overdose of vintage dazed rhythms is constantly enhanced by Ann-Sofie Hoyles charismatic & wild vocal performance.

With undiluted rock energy “Dead Or Alive” is a fun track full of groovy upbeats built by the deliciously authentic rock sound of guitars and again there are many melodic hooks culminating with the memorable rebel spirit of the chorus.

“Burning For You” picks up speed as guitars become unrestrained focusing on the creation of wild classic rock riffs & leads while Ann-Sofie’s vocals diligently follow such rebellious instrumental ensemble and add hints of nostalgia.

The title track continues to pay homage to the golden days of rock channeling ‘60s flavors and keeping the focus on a widely accessible combo of melodic moments and acidic guitar riffing to maintain a good vibes attitude and nostalgic echoes are still present.

On “Swan Song” the rebel punk attitude contaminates the primary guitar driven grooves obviously executed in proper classic rock fashion but the rhythm acquires a frenetic mode that will lead to the inflamed guitar solo.

Don’t expect “Heartbreak” to sound like a love song because the rhythm is certainly slower and slightly somber but still packs a punch with steady rocking guitars delivering edgy riffs and warm bluesy melodic solos that scream retro rock while Ann-Sofie delivers another delightful vocal performance.

In the midst of an unstoppable retro rock revival from Europe undoubtedly “Killer Machine” preserves the polychromatic nuances of classic rock through loads of melodic hooks that call for good times & party as Spiders express a genuine passion for such timeless music genre.

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