Carpenter Brut – Leather Teeth

The new unannounced release “Leather Teeth” by French synthwave or darksynth artist Carpenter Brut is the real soundtrack to an imaginary movie, probably a horror B movie, full of ‘80s glam vibes starring a science geek who will become a rockstar, a popular quarterback and a cheerleader.

The glamorous frenzy begins with the darkened synths melodies of the title track mixing a passion for ‘80s metal expressed by over the top crunchiness and a feverish rhythm that creates suspense for the impending horror.

“Cheerleader Effect” makes you think of old videogames with steady electro motifs and Kristoffer Rygg’s smooth vocal delivery floating through danceable synths and darker atmospheres.

“Beware The Beast” screams classic ‘80s metal, everybody is wearing studded leather jackets riding to the next bar listening to melodic guitars surrounded by loads of glamorous keyboards layers but something evil lurks in the dark.

“Inferno Galore” invites you to dance along the catchy synths that create a multitude of melodies and electro beats and again the whole sound has some inner robotic creepiness and cheesy ‘80s elements but it’s time to party anyway.

Just reading the title “Hairspray Hurricane” you should know what to expect as synths galore, crazy filters and classic metal sounding chunky rhythms craft a surreal sonic realm that feels stuck inside an arcade but you know that something bad is about to happen.

“Leather Teeth” might not sound extremely innovative but is certainly fun as Carpenter Brut confidently and successfully puts together the perfect soundtrack for that particular unreleased movie that was certainly filmed in 1987.
Leather Teeth

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