Epica – Epica vs. Attack On Titan

Undoubtedly Dutch symphonic metal masters Epica have been unstoppable conquering the hearts of so many fans worldwide and they have also proven to be workaholic musicians. This time they are ready to surprise the audience with an unusual work of music as Epica’s latest offering is a special covers EP entitled “Epica vs. Attack On Titan”, previously available only in Japan, which features four metal versions, available also as instrumentals, of the theme songs from the highly successful manga series turned worldwide aired anime “Attack On Titan”.

“Crimson Bow And Arrow” opens with the expected overdose of magnificent operatic choirs further enhanced by massive detailed orchestrations as keyboards become particularly crucial in the song’s structure offering impressive soloing moments while Simone delivers her signature passionate vocals that always delight the fans. The theatrical narratives accompanied by an intense combo of guitar riffing and keyboards layers also increase the epic nature of this track.

“Wings Of Freedom” begins with monumental chants followed by a winning series of melodic phrases yet the song will pick up speed with massive drumming and soaring guitar riffs accompanied by Mark’s venomous growls but will never sacrifice its inner theatrical grandeur with plenty of charming & eclectic orchestral arrangements.

“If Inside These Walls Was A House” is the most dramatic track focusing on gentle atmospheric arrangements and a softer ballad style approach yet symphonic textures will eventually take over.

“Dedicate Your Heart!” can deliver fierce rhythmic crescendos constantly embellished by Simone’s charismatic delivery and sumptuous choirs while the instrumental passages shine once again for the vibrant and diverse keyboards arrangements.

While waiting for the next full length Epica’s fans will enjoy the majestic arrangements, very much in the band’s beloved signature style, that render this collection of Japanese anime-songs quite unique.

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