Lucifer’s Child – The Order

Featuring renowned extreme metal veterans guitarist George Emmanuel of Rotting Christ, bassist Stathis Ridis of Nightfall, vocalist Marios Dupont of Karma Violens and drummer Nick Vell of Chaostar, Greek blackened metallers Lucifer’s Child are ready to showcase their darkly majestic creative force with the sophomore album “The Order”

“Viva Morte” is a great way to open the album as the band unleashes loads of ferocious grooves fueled by the speed and wickedness of guitar riffs and drums which seem to emerge from an arcane realm and the whole blackened inspiration is extremely amplified by devilish growls, obscure chants and the intricate magnetic lead guitar work.

The title track foreshadows an inevitable descent into the abyss through immensely blackened rhythmic bursts accompanied by mysterious chants while the powerful guitar soloing channels darkened melodic splendor and contributes to the song’s groovy nature.

Conjuring undiluted darkness “Through Fire We Burn” is also characterized by a profoundly spiritual aura fully expressed by the initial slower dramatic melodic phrases that introduce epic waves of diverse mesmerizing guitar progressions shifting from bold nightmarish riffage to an elegant melodic gloom emphasized by haunting acoustic arpeggios.

Evoking sinister & solemn atmospheric vibes “El Dragón” offers plenty of killer groovy dynamics enhanced by gloomy yet absolutely catchy melodic lead guitar accents in the midst of monumental drumming and relentless riffing clearly inspired by primordial blackened roots.

With its mystical allure “Siste Farvel” is an intoxicating track that will instantly captivate the listeners as the blend of atmospheric grandeur and impeccably darkened melodies comes to life with the monolithic drums, the tormented tonalities of the bewitching guitar work and theatrical esoteric whispers & chants.

Acolytes of blackened grooves and ominous atmospheres will simply become addicted to “The Order” and as expected Lucifer’s Child demonstrate intensely darkened songwriting skills as well as stellar musicianship leading to a memorable obscure sonic ritual.


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