Emma Ruth Rundle – On Dark Horses

Charismatic artist Emma Ruth Rundle returns with the magical fourth solo album “On Dark Horses” which will spellbind the listeners with an intimate songwriting style and hypnotic soundscapes.

“Fever Dreams” is a captivating album opener where post-rock elements tend to generate hazy atmospheres, moody waves of guitar melodies and edgy distorted crescendos that elegantly surround Emma’s haunting vocal performance characterized by sincere emotions and impeccable delivery.

“Control” begins with a mix of opulent serenity and melancholic feelings that enhances the intricate harmonious patterns and Emma’s graceful vocal delivery while guitars shift from minimalist melodies to significantly heavier blasts.

Emma’s voice is particularly enchanting on “Darkhorse” which can feel darkly romantic and profoundly sorrowful at the same time depicting introspective struggles through remarkable somber guitar melodies and hopeful feelings through dazzling rhythmic variations within dreamy atmospheric layers.

The eerie melodic splendor of “Dead Set Eyes” amplifies a bittersweet mood with nostalgia infused atmospheric arrangements yet darkly energetic guitar phrases are often fueled by a rather uplifting rhythmic urgency.

Lavish atmospheric textures and minimalist heartfelt melodies lead the way on “Light Song” which features a charming vocal duet with Evan Patterson and particularly dense guitar work marching through blurred post-rock inspired rhythmic segments.

“On Dark Horses” constantly evoke an emotional whirlwind as romanticism and darkness naturally embrace through these songs that Emma Ruth Rundle composes and performs following a stunning personal music vision.

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