Oberon – Aeon Chaser

The music style of Oberon is classified as Gnostic rock as with this project Norwegian singer/songwriter Bard Oberon has been exploring the inner process of human destiny and the brand new release “Aeon Chaser” continues to have a strong philosophical nature.

“Omega” opens the album with a clever mixture of triumphant arrangements and dreamy atmospheric layers while crispy vocals naturally flow through the intricate proggy rhythmic patterns.

“Walk In Twilight” has a darker mood often amplified by crunchy guitar riffs while the leads are always ready to spice up the cohesive rhythmic core with brighter melodies.

“To Live To Die” feels like a sorrowful ballad following a softer rhythm with loads of minimalist acoustic guitars and mellow keyboards arrangements until a groovy momentum takes the center stage with classic prog oriented dynamics.

Darkened emotions linger on “Black Aura” favoring a heartfelt vocal delivery and melancholic melodies yet the song will drastically change pace and mood with experimental electro arrangements and heavily distorted guitar tonalities that lead to a spacey atmospheric ensemble.

“The Secret Fire” offers fluent rock grooves with vintage vibes and bold riffage yet the lead guitar work features crystalline tones generating interesting proggy melodies.  

“Surrender” focuses on atmospheric soundscapes often characterized by futuristic electro accents but later gives way to fiery bass lines and heavier guitar riffs to deliver catchy prog grooves.

Oberon’s sonic approach always feels widely accessible and drawing inspiration from a multitude of genres the composition of “Aeon Chaser” certainly relies on intricate textures and a profound spiritual aura.  

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