Skálmöld – Sorgir

Icelandic vikings Skálmöld triumphantly return with the sixth studio album “Sorgir” which takes you on an epic Nordic music adventure celebrating the traditions and the beauty of their motherland.

The bold rhythmic core of the album opener “Ljósið” naturally dictates a wintry mood further amplified by majestic chants and powerful growls and it’s like warriors are in position for the next bloody battle surrounded by the somber tonalities of soaring guitar riffs.  

“Brúnin” revolves around groovy rhythmic sections with a fiery round of extra heavy guitar riffs that fluently maintain an enraged mood yet solemn chants are still present to enhance the viking spirit while the charismatic guitar solo is all about wild shredding and melodic vibes.

“Gangári” can be faster and even vicious with incessant guitar driven grooves and primordial growls until lead guitars shift the focus to soothing melancholic melodies and entertaining crispy soloing.  

The nostalgic guitar phrases at the beginning of “Móri” foreshadows the gloomy melodic ensemble that will hold a crucial role throughout the song and become especially prominent during the atmospheric breakdown nevertheless the band still delivers a proper viking metal framework with aggressive rhythmic segments and belligerent growls.  

With a heavy structure “Mara” showcases many solemn moments featuring folk inspired acoustic guitar passages that naturally channel mystical vibes while the guitar solo here is particularly memorable with plenty of shredding as well as a shimmering melodic approach.

Listening to “Sorgir” you might need to be ready for a battle on snowy mountains as this is a full blown viking metal album and Skálmöld share their chosen music pathway with genuine passion and devotion.

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