Soilwork – Verkligheten

Swedish metallers Soilwork are certainly renowned worldwide for their explosive melodeath style and the highly anticipated full length “Verkligheten” proves once more the band’s relevant status in the modern metal scene with a genuine creative force.

No one could doubt the thunderous charisma of “Arrival” as guitars skillfully embrace heavy dynamics crafting furious riffs amplified by fiery growls but the song’s strength relies also on the poignant melodies, later emphasized by the smooth soloing, and the irresistible chorus.

There are so many cold melancholic melodies on “Full Moon Shoals” that naturally evoke an emotional whirlwind enriched by Björn’s dramatic clean vocals yet this track packs some majestic groovy moments with the right dosage of sharp riffage and fancy guitar soloing.

“The Nurturing Glance” conveys contrasting feelings as calm guitar melodies sound utterly nostalgic yet the faster bouncy grooves are full of positive energy that will be further enhanced by the memorable catchy tonalities of the vibrant chorus.

Featuring guest vocalist Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy growling in the background,  “Stålfågel” revolves around a colder & darker sonic vision with somber atmospheric arrangements, gloomy guitar nuances and loads of crispy bittersweet clean vocals.

On “Witan” a heavier momentum generates plenty of inflamed guitar riffs and borderline ferocious rhythmic dynamics yet the chorus offers vivid melancholy infused melodies.

The dramatic nature of “The Ageless Whisper” comes from the refined guitar melodies and solo flowing through dreamy atmospheres that will eventually give way to a blend of anthemic rock vibes and harsher dynamics.

Featuring the intense growls of guest vocalist Tomi Joutsen of Amorphis “Needles And Kin” engage the listeners with stylish Nordic tonalities leading to extremely enraged guitar driven grooves following a faster roaring rhythm while Björn delivers impeccably heartfelt vocal harmonies.

Since the first listening “Verkligheten” will inspire you with its inner catchy mood and move you with the several melodic moments as Soilwork deliberately disregard any current metal trend to confidently deliver a collection of songs that will give you a chance to escape reality.

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