Rotting Christ – The Heretics

During their thirty years careers Greek metal masters Rotting Christ have worked relentlessly and passionately to establish the recognizable distinct music style that today on the brand new album “The Heretics” continues to naturally blend spellbinding melodic grandeur and primal extreme metal roots.

The ominous mood of the album is palpable on the opener “In The Name Of God” which is fueled by a savage blackened force leading to an obscure rhythmic march with galloping guitar riffs and intense drumming but the tempo often slows down to enhance a dramatic approach favoring the gothic beauty of the melodic guitar leads and mystical atmospheric arrangements.

The spiritual aura of “Vetry Zlye” comes to life through the ritualistic chants & narratives as the mysterious atmospheric waves are embellished by the bewitching vocals performed by Irina Zybina while the heavier instrumental ensemble focuses on the majestic rhythmic dynamics and the sharp guitar work.

As the fierce guitar riffs naturally lead to epic grooves, the darkened charisma of “Heaven And Hell And Fire” is constantly generated by esoteric chants and Sakis’s enraged growls while the song’s melodic splendor is meticulously crafted by the gloomy refined tonalities of the guitar phrases and the fancy energetic soloing.  

“Hallowed Be Thy Name” feels even more mystical with massive solemn choirs and theatrical spoken words that acquire an essential role within the song’s extremely dramatic atmospheric realm while the heavier instrumental passages become sporadic but still capable of channeling immense darkness.  

The cinematic intro of “Fire God And Fear” foreshadows another cryptic hymn to darkness and inevitably everything feels like an ancient ritual as soaring guitars confidently build understated blackened grooves that reach an arcane acme with the dazzling melodic opulence of the guitar solo.

Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe “The Raven” holds a darkly poetic soul and evokes extra dramatic depth with loads of fascinating theatrical narratives accompanied by impeccable haunting melodic guitars while the catchy yet gloomy rhythmic core still features a fair dosage of sinister aesthetics and bold guitar riffage.

Absolute devotion and an indissoluble connection with arcane myths are the fundamental elements behind the stylish composition of “The Heretics” and while Rotting Christ are still following a path of undiluted darkness all the songs on this album hold a surprisingly accessible melodic essence that can be appreciated by a wider audience worldwide.

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