Aenimus – Dreamcatcher

Progressive extreme metal band Aenimus is ready to share with the world the crushing dynamics and the lavish melodic tapestries of the sophomore album “Dreamcatcher” which is conceptually inspired by horror novels and movies.

“Before The Eons” has its brutal moments channeling sheer technical death metal majesty with super tight riffage and precise drumming yet the song is full of enthralling melodic guitar leads characterized by luminous tonalities and graceful emotions that naturally match the dreamy moments.

“Eternal” offers audacious deathcore twists to the steady ferocious sonic assault featuring the expected progressive technical approach of the guitar riffs & fancy melodic soloing marching confidently through odd tempo variations while growls and clean vocals aim to convey contrasting feelings.  

“The Ritual” begins with a darkened suspenseful atmosphere and will soon continue to deliver frenetic rhythmic patterns where the intense guitar work tends to stand out for the skillful technique and savage riffing that will eventually give way to gloomy melodic solos and a solemn symphonic grand finale.  

Extreme speed and a fierce death metal core are fundamental on “The Dark Triad” yet the band often leaves behind such aggressive approach to craft arcane atmospheric textures that surround another round of brighter and stylish prog oriented guitar soloing .

“The Overlook” immediately unleashes loads of merciless grooves as fiery guitar riffs follow insane rhythmic variations supported by a wicked bass & drums combo until tempo slows down dramatically to put the spotlight on the major guitar shredding.  

The instrumental title track holds a cinematic approach that tends to leave behind any sign of rage to allow the melodic guitar work to truly shine and deliver loads of tasteful crispy progressions through mysterious atmospheric waves without an exaggerated technical approach.

With the release of “Dreamcatcher” the future of Aenimus definitely looks bright as the band put a lot of effort in the creation of a solid collection of songs that stands out for the technical musicianship and the refined melodic aesthetics.

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