Overkill – The Wings Of War

With outstanding passion and resiliency iconic New Jersey thrashers Overkill have accomplished so much during their long career and certainly consolidated their legendary status in the metal scene influencing and inspiring musicians worldwide. Now for Overkill it’s time to begin a new exciting chapter with the release of the 19th studio album “The Wings Of War” which once again showcases the band’s unstoppable creative force.

On “Last Man Standing” a suspenseful mood introduces a rather aggressive thrash ensemble where soaring guitars constantly unleash sharp riffs and savage soloing well supported by the infectious rhythmic section and the overall blistering energy is further amplified by Bobby Blitz’s charismatic vocal performance.  

The classic and successful thrash formula is still alive on “Believe In The Fight” and Bobby’s vocals are on fire while the whole instrumentation never really slows down hitting you in the face with relentless guitar riffs and wild rhythmic patterns leading to a necessary headbanging galore.

“Head Of A Pin” is full of entertaining hooks as guitars effortlessly deliver endless rounds of groovy riffs with glorious traditional doom accents and a slightly dramatic yet extra fancy solo while the powerful rhythmic segments maintain a moody crushing core.

Everything slows down in the beginning of “Distortion” as the darkened guitar leads inevitably amplify a nostalgic mood but Overkill is still ready to pack massive old school thrash grooves with consistently heavy riffage and thrilling rhythmic dynamics enhanced by the wrathful vocal delivery.

“Where Few Dare To Walk” starts with a contemplative atmosphere and smooth melancholic guitar melodies that will recur throughout the song but there will always be a massive dosage of abrasive riffs to keep alive the raw energy of the faster anthemic thrash elements.

The frenetic rhythmic blasts of “Hole In My Soul” ensure memorable loud thrash grooves always enhanced by solid rounds of gritty guitar riffs & shredding and a super catchy chorus plus Bobby constantly provides remarkable fierce vocals.

Undoubtedly Overkill is in excellent shape and while the nostalgic vibes of the golden era of thrash metal emerge throughout “The Wings Of War” the songwriting feels absolutely relevant in the current scene and continues to consolidate the band’s influential status.

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