Windswept – The Onlooker

Formed by Drudkh mastermind Roman Sayenko Ukrainian black metal project Windswept is set to spread absolute darkness with the sophomore album “The Onlooker”.

“Stargazer” tends to sound utterly ferocious with super tight guitar riffs and savage drums bearing the ominous mark of traditional black metal and such primal force inevitably leads to an asphyxiating sonic realm.

While the sonic assault of “A Gift To Feel Nostalgia” arises from the darkest abyss of metal there are hints of moody melodic melancholy emerging through the uneasy and frenetic rhythmic patterns.

From beginning to end the bleak mood of “Insomnia of the Old Men” relies on hellish growls and fast rhythmic blasts which will eventually slow down a bit to emphasize the bitter guitar tonalities.

On “Times of No Dreams & No Poets” extremely tormented growls, relentless guitar riffs and scattered melodic accents build up a constant sense of desperation as the whole instrumental ensemble diligently unleash all the fury of classic black metal.

“Bookworm, Loser, Pauper” is another hymn to darkness faithful to the black metal legacy with particularly obscure guitar tonalities and a frantic no frills rhythmic core that demands extra speed and nightmarish vibes.

“The Onlooker” aims to constantly channel an uncompromising raw energy to efficiently depict the darkest soundscapes and the sonic pathway chosen for this album probably is not too far from Drudkh’s discography as Windswept are also devoted to traditional black metal.

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